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Tara Rachel Jones inspired by Surya’s Majestic Yoga Studio Spring Cleanse 2014

Tara Rachel Jones
Tara Rachel Jones 7:33am Apr 9
First of all, as a Yoga teacher, Aspirant, Zen Shiatsu practitioner and longtime student of Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics and Ayurveda, I am humbled by this wonderful compilation for detoxing written by Surya Little. Embarking on this cleanse, has renewed my commitment to my practice and to the idea that detox of the organs is about warming and nourishing NOT depravation. As I savored my stomach/spleen building stew for breakfast, prepared my juices and broth, I felt softened and relaxed. This cleanse, for me, is just the beginning of a restored approach to balance and being present to all those I serve in my life. Blessings
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