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Summer Solstice Meditation: Light on Consciousness

Tonight is the mid-summer new moon when the skies go pitch black. Time for endarkenment, a silent bidding to go to the place where nothing stirs, a yogic sleep where your mind turns vast and space fills your head like a firmament of stars. Then, in three days time, the Summer Solstice when time stands still (from the Latin solstitium: sol, the sun and stit, stationary) when the earth reaches its maximum axial tilt of 23.44 degrees toward the sun and the Arctic Circle is bathed in continuous light.

The Connection Between the Summer Solstice and Meditation

Here’s the thing to do: go lie down between the massive monoliths at Stonehenge, orient so that at the sun’s zenith, but a split second really, a sliver of light  pierces the pinhole vertex of your top-skull, the “Mountain of Heaven,” spirals through your the crown chakra, and streams through your vertebral shaft. Then “the original light appears, blazing through your skull not admitting any other matters.” In a momentary blindness, the solstice ray equal to 1,000 bands of white light shines brilliantly and like the final scene in the early AI film, 2001 Space Odyssey, enter a room with white and gold trim with nothing but the sound of your breathing. Or you can go sit in the Grand Kiva, seventy five miles West of Santa Fe where the Tewa people of Chaco Canyon measured the immeasurable. Sit still and let the sun ricochet off the sandstone bluff, beam through your mid brow and penetrate every cell in your body.
As is said in the Great Forest Upanisad: “For the sun is the honey of all beings and all beings are the honey of the sun. The consciousness of the sun shines in the eye of all beings. It is the never-ending, the creator, the all.”
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