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Staying Fluid in Space

Bring to mind in your meditation the image of a carpenter’s leveler, suspended in fluid, empty like a bubble. The leveler is used by surveyors, stone masons, and carpenters to indicate the point of balance. Visualize this point floating in your mid brain at the bridge spanning your two brain hemispheres. This empty bubble “breathes.” It follows a dynamic equilibrium and pulses with a very slight hum.

Finding Balance Within

No matter your thoughts, hopes, fears, or judgements, the fluid space of your interior awareness will always seek the level. Should circumstance tip you to one side or the other, trust your internal leveler to keep you centered, open, transparent. This fluid center is mirror like, reflecting the things of the world. It too is like a mini womb, its potential space giving birth to all that appears in your heart and mind.

Embodying Equanimity

Bring the spacious bubble down into your mid chest, so that it floats in the center of your heart. Then let the bubble expand and become more voluminous so that the edges of your mind/heart widen. Let it be the space in which all your longing, compassion, hope and sorrow reside. Let it be your guide for when to move forward or when to pull back, when to remain still or when to take action. By maintaining this fluid space within, you embody equanimity.
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