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Sno-Globe Asana

At this time of a world-wide shake-up due to the great pandemic, we are all prone to mind states of flurry and worry. Given the crisis in the world economy, health care and social networks it is indeed hard to see clearly. When overwhelmed by chaos and unrest, I like to use the analogy of the sno-globe, to describe how it can feel as if a cloud of swirling debris is all around you. In this time of uncertainty, when cash flow, employment, future plans and health are uncertain, both a somatic and a psychological settling are required. This is why a mind-body practice is more important today then ever. How do you settle the particles of prana inside? This requires dropping your bones, relaxing your gut and making your eyes soft. It suggests taking time in meditation to release any clench on your respiratory diaphragm or grip on your jaw. This composure is a hard to come by. Perhaps it is not only your own emotional dust getting kicked up at this time, but the dust of those around you. It may feel as if your spouse, your kids or step-mom are swirling in clouds of confusion. It may become so murky that you can’t see straight. The strain we are under is liable to stir up old, well-worn patterns of behavior. When everything is blurry, when in the “ sno-globe asana” we become habitually reactive. We blame, get impatient, lash out or retreat. You might find yourself in the past weeks getting stuck in snowdrifts of frustration and distress.

In light of this, it is important to be diligent not to get thrown into a tizzy. Take care not to project your angst, your psychic dust onto those you live with. Move slowly. Quick and impulsive reactions only agitate situations and stir up your “mind flakes”. Be tolerant, be kind. Practice patience. The shake-up will continue for more time to come. More brouhaha. More fluster and bluster. With the world topsy-turvey, don’t get caught up in petty things that stir up further anxiety and irritability. Time to get into the deep river of your breath. Make your mind still and your heart supple. Don’t react to the next whirlwind that blows through. Settle inside. Penetrate into the marrow of your bones. Stay in your own still center, so that, come what may, you don’t get caught up in the flurry.

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