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Seeing Clear to the Bottom

Flowing Like Water: Nurturing Adaptability and Clarity

Water has been our theme this month. In practice, we have been moving in the Way of water, staying fluid and adaptable, always nourishing. We emulate water that is supple and soft yet can overcome the hardest thing. Water is humble for it has no form, but takes on the shape of the container it is in. Thus, it does not have its own agenda, its own will. Water is abler to “go with the flow.”  Water too, is humble because it always seeks a lower level. Clear water represents a clear mind and pure heart. Murky water suggests a confused and distracted awareness.

The Buddha used the analogy of a water bowl to describe unwholesome states of mind, known as the five hindrances:
  1. Craving and attachment spread throughout, like colored dye poured into water
  2. Anger makes the water turbid and choppy
  3. Lethargy causes algae to grow
  4. Restlessness causes turbulence like wind rippling over water
  5. Doubt makes the water muddy

A Journey to the Depths of Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

By relaxing your breath and settling into your bones murky “mind-water” becomes clear. “Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is transparent?” asks the Tao de Ching. With a clear mind, you can see “straight down to the bottom.” Then your mind retains its original clarity and is not tainted by anything.
Seeing in this way is like viewing things in a mirror. When you see things, reflect them. When things disappear let them go.
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