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Realizing Your Buddha Nature

It’s funny how we all look outside of ourselves for fulfillment. These days we need not look far. In fact it begins right off the bat, when you pick up your phone first thing in the morning. With each tap of the screen we kindle hope that a new message will drop in, something promising, revelatory, captivating, and new.
Expectantly we hanker for a text or message–from someone, anyone– that might cheer us up and make our day. However, each pinged message lasts but a moment. It is an irony that we look for gain and reward outside of ourselves when the deepest possible gift exists within.  We fail to realize that we have the gift of clear, bright awareness. The highest wisdom is the naked, unchanging nature of awareness itself. You need not add anything or try to take anything away. Any thought of getting or gain is superfluous.
Don’t pine for anything outside of your own luminous mind and radiant heart. The task at hand is to cease wanting other than what you have and to realize your pure buddha nature within.
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