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Prajna Against Hate

prajna against hate
It is with weighty hearts that we speak today of the hate crime in Colorado Springs and the killing of 5 individuals in the L.G.B.T.Q club setting. This strikes so very close to home — literally — as Colorado Springs is just 4 hours up the road from Santa Fe and we have many sangha members who live in the Colorado Springs area. This tragedy is a horrible reminder of how narrow mindedness metastasizes today, fed by rhetoric from intolerant members of the community.
At Prajna Yoga we stand against divisiveness, bigotry and hate of all kinds. The violence against gay and trans people is evidence of just how easily black-heartened enmity can spread with dire consequences. At the very heart of our mission we aim to foster a more open, non-biased awareness. All that we practice stands firm on the foundation of ahimsa—non-violence, especially when it is fueled by bias and bigotry. May we all take courage to snuff out mindsets infested with hatred. As Paul Tillich said, “courage is the strength of mind capable of conquering whatever threatens the attainment of the highest good”.
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