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No Comparison

In our minds we divvy up the world into bits and pieces—plus or minus, good or bad, right and wrong. Our small, insecure mind frets, “am I good enough,” or “she is so much better than I.” This can drive any reasonable person crazy and result in grinding mindsets of judgement and competition. Comparing mind will always lead to feelings of separation. The muscle of our small mind is weak and inevitably defaults to comparing itself to others in attempt to secure itself.
On the path of yoga, when we bear witness to that which is beyond calculation and beyond comparison, we feel so much lighter and freer. What is it that cannot be known through comparison? It is the space where the divide between self and other dissolves and the mind that compares, “Oh she is young, I am old,” “My life is dull and mundane and theirs is exciting” loses its grip. Because it is beyond thinking, beyond measure, it is called the inconceivable, or simply, Buddha mind.
While our small mind goes on comparing itself to others in a futile attempt to know itself, our bigger more gracious mind takes refuge in that which is beyond comparison.
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