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Is this a Blessing or Curse?

This time of global shutdown and social distancing has no doubt been trying for all of us. Each of us relies on the energy, the shakti we get from social interaction to give us vitality and meaning in life. Without the contact high of time with friends you may have found yourself wallowing in listlessness and feeling discouraged (can we call it the wallowasana?).

However, it is worth inquiring, in the midst of the global pandemic and social distancing, is this a blessing or a curse? It may simply be a question as to whether you think the glass is half empty or half full. Many today are succumbing to an apocalyptic, doom and gloom view of the glass being half empty. Others consider that this is a time for a major reset, and that in the wake of this crisis will be a new paradigm emerging, whereby we reconfigure our social justice system, our health care system and use of the environment. Perhaps there are some who feel this time to be like an Indian masala, somewhat spicy, somewhat sweet, a tangy mixture of both blessing and curse.

I suppose our response to this crisis will depend largely upon how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. For those who see the world as ridden with curses, then they will perceive this as a terrible time. For those who deem that all things that arise, no matter how difficult, are blessings, or blessings in disguise, will perceive this as a time of possibility. Either way, each point of view is an extension of our own imagined reality. For none of us knows why we are in this predicament, how long it will last, or what the outcome will be. However, know that whether you perceive this time as a blessing or a curse will affect your subtle body— it will play on your heart strings, impact your mood, shape your thoughts, and affect your ability to sleep soundly at night.

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