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Great Determination

If you are anything like me, you might feel the urge at times to just fold inward, retreat from the world and move to Costa Rica. Whether it be a health crisis, the state of the economy, global warming or the onslaught this winter of the “Tripledemic,” it is easy to feel disheartened.
In the face of any setback what we need most is to conjure up great determination. The Buddha taught that great determination (virya) is a necessary attribute to moving through states of malaise, doubt and discouragement on the path. While virya in yoga usually suggests strength or virility, determination implies working wholeheartedly for the benefit of all. Oftentimes, great determination emerges from the experience of difficulty, loss and hardship. So if you experience some real trial in your life, know that it may be the catalyst for developing firm resolve. And don’t expect things to always be easy. Always wanting the easy can douse the fire of firm resolve. Nowadays, when people feel under threat they lose trust in each other, doubt their government and become prone to crazy ideas. Great determination requires not shutting down, or isolating but finding ways to serve a more awakened world. Thus each day we need to build firm resolve in both mind and body.
So when you get up in the morning take time to bring determination into your bones, breath, and sinews. Yoke to determination in order to generate the courage to walk through all the gates and doorways in your life.
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