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First Things First

When you get up in the morning, take a pee and go straight to your practice space. The early hour of the day is precious and you deserve to keep it for yourself, in order to care for your soul, and open to the day ahead. But typically, people get Hoovered into the tasks of the day. Fait attention! For once you start doing tasks, it can be like entering quicksand. It is easy to sink into demands and then meet the world from a weighted, slumping place.

Pressure quickly builds up inside and then to counter the descending feeling, you contract, holding on for dear life. You may try to tack on your practice later in the day, once the “important” things have been taken care of, but then you are too worn out and too overwhelmed to nourish yourself. However, if you begin your day by attending to your heart, breath, and sinews, you will embody a kind of vitality throughout the day. Heart space builds tolerance, patience and love. Mind space builds resiliency, nonjudgmental awareness, and an attitude of non-clinging. In your morning sadhana, embody steadiness, so that nothing can knock you off your day. Whatever activity you undertake, you can meet it with a spirit of positivity and openness. So don’t sell yourself short.

Keep to an inner promise, devote the beginning of the day to yourself. Because once you connect to the invisible source, stripping away the thoughts that bind, and calling in grace, then from there it is all downhill for the rest of the day.

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