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Firm Back, Soft Front

When you wake up in the morning to meditate, sit with a firm back and soft front. Then in the course of your day, the spirit of firm back/soft front will stay with you. With firm back you are resilient, solid, unswerving. When the world goes topsy turvy, you “have at your back” the knowing that you are always connected to a great and abundant source.
With a broad firm back, you have little to fear. You can trust the road you are on, be it ridden with potholes, or be it seamless and smooth. For at your back you have the support of the ancestors who didn’t fret over petty things, who abandoned self criticism and self harm and walked a straight path. At the same time, move through the world with a soft front. With a soft front, you encounter the new, open to ongoing discovery and surprise. Soft front is to be receptive and permeable. With a soft front you need not put up the old guard of doubt and defense, but lean forward into the mystery and welcome the unknown. With soft front everything becomes possible. Embodying firm back and soft front, you live a life both anchored and uplifted, steadfast and changeable. At your back is timeless time, a perpetual presence, far bigger and wider than anything you can conceive of. At your front, is the split second of this very moment - on the fly - forever changing, appearing and disappearing.
Put firm back and soft front into practice. Then you can pass through any gate and overcome any barrier.
Alchemy + Aim