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Drop by Drop

Keep it flowing. Your life, your breath, your longing for a better world. Be like a river flowing downhill to the sea. Know that your body and mind are designed to flow. Fascia flows. Spinal fluid flows. Tears flow. The key is not to let sadness calcify in you, not to let the grime and shame of the world stunt your whole-hearted commitment to what is real.
The world is full of charlatans and shysters, proselytizers and thieves threatening to clot your freedom and stop you from being just who you are. Don’t succumb to the deception of others. The key always is to keep flowing, keep dancing, keep believing. Hold to a radical kind of hope for a better world, where care and consideration rule. This world holds its own kind of magic. It moves beyond the measure of mind, beyond reckoning. Know that there are many who walk blindfolded through the world today spreading their sad energy everywhere, but too, there are many more whose hearts open in fathomless love and staggering kindness.
Day by day, drop by drop, may each of us ripple benevolence and goodwill outward into the hearts of others.
Alchemy + Aim