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Consecrate The Space Within

Each day the most profound and nutritive thing to do is rest in the open space of stillness. When you enter the first gate and come into the temple of your body-mind make your breath tactile, sense the weight of your bones and soften your skin.

Mostly what you need is time and a spacious heart.

Don’t insist, banging on the door clamoring to get in. For entry is always given when you least expect it. Be solidly patient and stay true to your calling. Suddenly, at some time, you will slip past the threshold, invisible like the wind, and enter the sanctum of serenity.

It is like walking into a cathedral where many before you have gone to consider, seek solace and pray. Go and sit in the half light, empty of need, not looking to get anywhere or gain anything. Sit in wonder and listen wide in the open air.

Deflate any doubts that keep you from yourself. Unfetter the knots that keep you tied to fear and loathing. Be tender with all that arises in your heart as you long to be entire, undivided and free. Bask in the shaft of light that spills from the highest window and let all the particles of prana settle in your belly. Consecrate the space within.

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