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At Great Odds

What is your tolerance for the dumbfounding and the unpredictable? I hope it is not too low, for the world today is full of wind storms, fluctuating markets, hackers and trolls. Someone recently said that on the time line of maturation, humanity is still in its adolescence.With brains not fully developed, people are erratic and do things without thinking at all. So you might find yourself staying up late at night worrying if the world will blow itself up or drive itself over a cliff. Others say that the clock is just a few minutes before midnight. This is what may be causing people to fly off the handle on airplanes, believe everything they read on line, and hate others for the color of their skin. However the world still amazes me. For instance, scientists are still finding new creatures on the bottom of the ocean that have no eyes or ears. And astronomers are taking pictures of the black hole in the center of our galaxy 27,000 light years from earth. When I find myself getting caught in the throes of despair, I think of the 80-1 horse Rich Strike that came from behind to win the Kentucky Derby. I take small comfort knowing that when the odds are great, great things can happen.

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