December Online 6-Class Series: Light on the Breath

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - In this month of practice we dedicate our study to the ever-changing motion of the breath - sometimes expanding, sometimes softening and sometimes becoming still. In each practice we combine breath with movement to foster intimacy, a sense of immediacy, and flowing spontaneity. Join us for all 6 classes in December!

Prajna Live | Light on Natural Breathing

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - In this class we practice somatic movements and postures not to engineer or manipulate the breath, but to allow our breath to “breathe of its own accord.”

Prajna Live | Light on Inhalation

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - The inhalation is the life-giving breath, sustaining all tissues in the body. In this class we bring sensitivity to the movement of inhalation in all postures, to generate elasticity and lightness in the rib, diaphragm, and lung.

Prajna Live | Light on Exhalation

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - The exhalation is the “letting go” breath, one that actively discharges strain from the body. In this class we emphasize the emptying phase of the breath in all poses. In pranayama, we expel the breath to purify and flush the lungs.

Prajna Live | Light on Alternate Nostril Breath

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - In this class we use the whole body to exercise alternate nostril breathing, linking the right “solar” side of the body with the right nostril and the left “lunar” side with the left nostril.

Prajna Live | Light on Interrupted Breath

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - The interrupted breath strengthens local segments of the ribs, intercostal muscles and lungs. We combine this breath with our somatic movement and yoga poses as we move and pause, move and pause.

Prajna Live | Light on Breath of Fire

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - This breath generates heat and an internal glow within all tissues of the body. In the practice of asana and somatic movement, we use Breath of Fire to rinse, cleanse and flush the many airways of the lungs and to bring energy and luminosity to the mind-heart.

Opening to the New: Prajna Yoga’s New Year Class

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE ONLINE - On the cusp of a new year, we come together to generate a collective intention, a vision for positive change and growth. Through meditation, reflection, movement and yoga we build both resiliency and flexibility and celebrate the marvelous, wild, ever-changing world we live in. Join us!

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