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Book release

In the Space Between: The Poetry of Embodiment

by Tias Little

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We’re thrilled to announce that Tias’s new book is finished and will be ready for order soon. Fill out this form to receive updates!


Watch Tias’s book launch here!

From our READERS

These messages from the mat and the cushion of an unusually skillful and sensitive master practitioner offer memorable inspirations for our own paths of practice. They come from an accomplished hand, a profound, clear-seeing mind and the heart of a poet. The deep reflections and beautiful poems offered here encourage us to explore our lives and the way of things more deeply, and help us learn to be in the world more intimately and whole-heartedly. A little treasure of a book.”
– Henry Shukman, Zen teacher and author of One Blade of Grass and Original Love
“It’s a true gift when words on a page move me to heed the waves of listening in my own body, to release the burden I’ve been unknowingly carrying. As his lifetime of practice emerges and recedes throughout these pages, leaving a wake of clear respect, Tias’s poetry reminds me to let go, to bow to the great mystery, to belong to myself.”
– Elena Brower, author of Softening T
In these lyrical meditations, yogi poet Tias Little gives voice to—and guides us deeper into-- the sensate, mysterious, wordless depths of somatic spiritual awakening. Each poem is a vinyasa of potent imagery, designed not just to be read, but to be practiced and embodied within the shape-shifting, incantatory magic of yoga. I am savoring these poems on my mat and cushion—and I’ll be sharing them with my fellow travelers on the path of yoga and dharma.
– Anne Cushman, Senior teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and author of The Mama Sutra: A Story of Love, Loss and the Path of Motherhood and Enlightenment for Idiots: A Novel
Tias Little's poetry and prose is inspiring, profound, mystical, and thought-provoking. This long-anticipated book fills an important hole on our bookshelves inviting contemplation of the nuanced and subtle and the places we seldom explore or get to see. This book is a great victory that all of us can delight in and use for our individual growth and collective embodiment."
– Hawah Kasat
Alchemy + Aim