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Meditation, Yoga, & Somatic Movement | Tias Little Immersion in Portland, ME

October 13, 2023 - October 15, 2023

Hosted by Greener Postures Yoga, Portland ME:

Friday Eve: Oct 13: 6:00-8:00pm

Nourishing Breath, Blood, and Bone

This class guides students to reduce fatigue and stress buried in the body. We irrigate blood and lymph throughout the body in order to oxygenate and revitalize all bodily tissues.By the application of somatic movement with supported postures, we soothe the nervous system, empty strain, and holding in the organic body and calm the mind. In this class we optimize the flow of prana in the body, rejuvenating all the cells of the body.


Saturday Afternoon: Oct 14: 2:00-5:00pm

Centering In

The region just below the navel is the center of gravity in the body. Called the hara in Japan, the dantian in China and related to the second chakra in yoga, the lower belly is the source of breath and the origin of the deep life force. In this class we initiate every movement and every pose from the lower belly bringing lightness and lift to the core body without tightening or causing undo constriction.Through active and passive positions, we stretch, expand and strengthen the tissues of the lower abdomen.


Sunday Afternoon: Oct 15: 12:30-3:30pm

Yoking the Shoulder Girdle

It is all too common for the shoulders to collapse and displace forward due to repetitive strain and overuse of the arms. This may result in pain in the neck region, tension between the shoulder blades and numbness in the arm and hand. The aim of this class is to reduce shoulder and neck restriction and to effectively yoke the shoulder blades onto the back. We will practice joint mobilization techniques to help release strain from the shoulders prior to weight bearing.


Cost: $40 for Friday night session, $55 for each of the two 30-hour Saturday and Sunday sessions


Greener Postures Yoga

65 Gray Road

Falmouth, ME 04105

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