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for you, from your Sangha


Hello Tias, I’m joining in the world wide web of birthday well wishers ! I’m currently reading The Practice is the Path and I often refer back to Yoga of the Subtle Body. I appreciate and learn from your classes as well. Thank you and have a blessed and interesting year around the sun. –Marjory Stevens

Happy birthday Tias!! Enjoy your day! And many thanks for all of your teachings…you have enriched my life in so many ways both on and off the mat.  Pam Scholl

From the Green Mountains to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains — A very happy birthday! -Jon Glosser

Dear Tias. I truly wish you all that is good befitting who you are as you enter into a joyous healthy decade. Your work remains a treasure and an insight for me and I’m so happy we met in Santa Fe. Have a beautiful day and I’ll be thinking of you here in Spain!! Warmest love and gratitude –Hilary Cartwright

Dear Tias, you are such an inspiration and I am deeply and forever grateful for finding your teaching when I needed it the most on my journey. It was a game changer on so many levels. Sending you lots of birthday wishes and happy 60th! In deep gratitude, Ida

Tias: My precious mother Patricia (who passed away on Aug 13, 2021) and I went to many of your classes at the Yoga Journal Conferences in Estes Park and also when you came to Colorado (where I live). We both consider you our yoga guru. I follow you and pray for you in my daily prayers. Happy Happy 60th birthday! Enjoy your day and celebrate you!❤️❤️🎈🎈 –Ginny Hout

After decades of Ashtanga, I came to rest at Prajna – literally. The first time I practiced at Prajna, the athletic striving of Ashtanga gave way to the Still Point, and I realized what yoga was actually about. No inside, no outside; just one shimmering stream. Every morning I extend my gratitude to you. May you and yours be continually blessed. –Karen Thompson

Happiest birthday wishes on this milestone day, Tias. Thank you for sowing your wisdom so broadly. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in workshops throughout the Rockies and Pacific Northwest since 2007, and I am a devoted recipient of your Sunday emails. Today, I hope you and your loved ones celebrate the full brilliance your spirit and words have manifested. I am more than grateful for you. Wishing you continued inspiration, contentment, and joy! –Mandy Morneault

Happy birthday, Tias! I appreciate your wisdom and awareness, in your teachings and your notes every Sunday… What a gift you are to this world. Many good wishes and celebrating you from afar. –Marissa Jones

Dear Tias – Happy Birthday!
I am so grateful to you for your beneficial and heart-felt teachings. I first met you at Easlen about 12 years ago when my husband and I attended one of your yoga workshops. Your gentle, light-hearted and caring manner spoke very deeply to us. Since then, I have followed your teachings via DVD, SoundCloud, YogaGlo, your books, and now directly via teachable. I always look forward to your Sunday Dharma sermon newsletter and my practice of SATYA or meditation guided by you. The language that you use speaks so kindly and affirming, with good cheer. And, my hips are mostly balanced after years of nagging imbalance. And, you had a hand in inspiring me to become a massage therapist after years of working at a computer. Thank you!
I feel certain that your son was a very beneficial presence with his classmates during the horror of the mass shooting and man hunt. I am deeply sorry that your family experienced that direct pain: I am sure it has been challenging enough to see him off to the next steps of his life and yours, much less to have this trauma. Thank you for sharing your personal reflection of and your advocacy about gun policies.
I send best wishes to you and Surya on this and every day. –Amy DeHart

Tias, you have always been an inspiration for me since I took a workshop from you in 2006. Thank you for all that you share. -Denise Bunch

Happiest of birthdays to you Tias! May your day be full of love, peace, and joy! Thank you for being an inspiration and light on this path of yoga. -Linda Snay

Have a Wonderful Birthday & an Amazing Year ahead. Thanks for being a great teacher may you continue for another 60 😊🙏 -Cesca Cross

Happy Birthday Tias! I’m so inspired by your dedication and love. Your books have transformed my yoga practice. Enjoy your beautiful life! -LuAnn Rolley

Happy birthday Tias! This world is a better place with your beautiful presence, teaching and guidance on so many levels! Thank you for sharing your light!! Have a beautiful day and beautiful trip around the sun! May it be filled with love, laughter, and vibrant health! -Joetta Hurlin

Happy Birthday Tias and thank you for your years of dedication to wonderful and inspirational yoga teachings. -Nikki Jackson


Happy Birthday Tias! -Kathy Duke

Very best wishes on your birthday Tias -Carolyn Lamb

No particular memory. I just wanted to express how much I appreciate your teaching. Thank you for being you and for sharing with us your heartfelt guidance and wisdom. Happy Birthday. -Neil Taylor

I would just like to wish a long and happy life to someone who has made such an impact on so many people, a fountain of inspiration and wisdom and a pillar of centred faith in the divine. Thank you Tias from the top, middle, bottom, front, back and centre of my heart. -Amber Scott

A joyful Birthday and healthful, innerpeaceful life going forward. Memories are your visits to the Northeast; your wealth of experience and generosity and skill in sharing it have enriched my life. With love and respect. -Kate Hawley

Tias! May this birthday be filled with light, as you also send light into the world. Godspeed for your next journeys around the sun. Salaam, Shalom, Peace -Cathy Y.

Happy six-oh Tias! Our yoga with you has been transformative. Sending love and good vibes on this special day!! -Roger Gullickson

Think you came to one of my workshop/talk in santa fe or albuquerque 30 years ago. Many of my students enjoyed your training online ….Some from France …. Would like to send you my book as a present ! your adress ? I am a free elecron in the Yogatom…. as you are ! -Francois Raoult

My first class with you was about feet. I was a non yogi.. dragged to the Yoga Journal convention in Estes Park by a partner and salivating over all the rock ! ( wanting to go climbing). You changed my trajectory in life. I am grateful for your wisdom, vulnerability, amazing teaching skills and humor. Happy Birthday and thank you for your gift to the world. -Rebecca Carson

Tias! Happy happy birthday. I’m always grateful to you for all you have and continue to teach me about yoga and life. You played an essential role in changing the course of my life and career to yoga and I am always grateful. You have supported me and my studio for years and that means the world. You are kind, beyond wise, and continue to deliver yoga in its truest sense. You deserve to be celebrated! Plus, you are hilarious and your analogies during class are second to none. ❤️🙏🏻 –Alison King Tigges

I fondly remember and was so inspired by your visits to the yoga studio in Orleans, MA and in RI that led me to study the subtle body. I incorporated many of your practices into my yoga teaching and my personal practice. On my list is a visit to Santa Fe and the surrounding area and hopefully to attend one of your classes. Have a wonderful Birthday. –Nan Quinlan

Happy Birthday! Enjoy another transit around the sun, you are a gift to this world and I am so honored to have you as my teacher, mentor and inspiration!!! I hope your birthday is celebrated with love, light, family and friends! –Darcy Schwerin

Wishing you many more fabulous years. Remember to celebrate one day for each year. 🎂🍨🙏🏼 –Sue Robuck

You are a treasure in this life. –Virginia Bocchicchio

Tias, I thank you for the foundational inspirations and guidance to you have offered through practice. I wish you a full heart as you celebrate your birthday. -Deanna O’Connell

Tias gives the best, sweetest hugs! –Kate

Dear Tias – Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. Enjoy a lovely 60th Birthday! And many more to follow! –Laura Miller

Happy Birthday Tias! Sadly no pictures to share as I’ve not yet had the chance to meet you in person but just want to thank you so much for your endless inspiration. You’ve no doubt made a huge difference to so many peoples’ lives, teachings and practices. I feel very honoured to have learned from you through the online SATYA trainings and also your poetic writing. Recently I’ve shared your poem about letting your breath be “a blanket of peace to cover the wounds of the world” and what words those have been to capture the heart of our practice during such turbulent times. Wishing you the most beautiful of birthdays. –Kate Lovell

Happy 60th Birthday Tias! Your light is so bright it reaches to the ends of the earth and echos in all those who have shared sacred space with you! Cheers to you! -Lisa Kanne

Happiest of Birthdays Dear Tias and welcome to the 60 Club! I have been blessed by your teachings and friendship for over 20 years! I have so many fond memories of studying with you in Santa Fe, Chicago and Naples, Florida where I think our friendship began when I interviewed you for the Emotional Body article on the Lisa’s front porch. Your wisdom and support has meant so much to me all these years. Your curiosity and ability to communicate ideas are a gift to so many. May these messages on your birthday bring you Joy and Awe of all you have touched. Your life’s ripple is really quite a wave that has washed over and helped so many. Happy Birthday! -Lori Gaspar

Tias, my dear old friend and very first yoga teacher. It has been a gift in my life to know you and to learn from and be inspired by you, and as well to share valuable life experiences together. I am grateful for your transmission of teachings and for your friendship. Wishing you good health, profound peace and continued prosperity. May you continue to inspire us with your gifts of comprehension and dissemination. Much love. -Scott Fallows

Dear Tías, I wish for you ,as a years pass by , ever greater wisdom and equanimity. May you continue to enjoy the music behind the noise and may your graying hairs be blessed by a growing family. -Cosme Gomez


Feliz Cumpleanos, dear Tias. You have been a ‘force of nature’ in your generous teachings. From your Yoga Source studio on Paseo de Peralta to San Mateo to your esteemed temple, with workshops in Boulder, Denver, Esalen(!) and other ports, you are a kind , caring , inspiring funny, teacher and friend. (Nearly 30 years)Wishing you and beloved Surya , Eno and pooch many more years of health, well being and love. –Much gratitude, Nancy D. Miller

Happy Birthday, Tias: I look forward to Sunday mornings when I read your insightful letter. So many words of encouragement to remind us we are all one. Yours in love and gratitude. –Lynn Lower

Thank you for the amazing Glo videos! They are highlights to my week. Happy Birthday!

Dear Tias, wishing you a bright day filled with joy, peace and love 💕 I am one who is constantly studying with you online and your teachings are unmatched. So much gratitude for the gift you give us 🙏🏻 Sending love to you and your family 🙏🏻 –Karina Lambert in Boston

Welcome to the 60′, Tias. May the wind be at your back.. Peace and Love, Mamie

Have a wonderful birthday, Tias! I remember taking a workshop with you and I saw Ali McGraw in the class. I was like how cool is that, Tias has celebrities attending his workshops😁 –Judi Slakter

Have a wonderful birthday Tias! I’m sure you will and welcome to the sixties!! :0) –Alex Ward

Tias – welcome to the 60’s! Thank you for improving my life. Happy Birthday! –Cathy Hall

Dearest Tias, sending you deepest love for your 60th birthday! Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration to me. Happiest of happy birthdays to you and I hope you get to have a boogie! One day I will dance with you!! All my love. –Lisa Butler

Dear Tias,
I send you a Happy Birthday wish. May you and your family be safe, be happy, be healthy and may you all live with ease. As Sharon Salzberg says, You indeed have a heart as wide as the world. You have changed bodywork and movement for me forever. You have enhanced my self-care and my care for those that I do SATYA with or those I massage. Many, many blessings for you and Surya.
Happy, Happy Birthday! Birthdays have a way of becoming more challenging and more meaningful simultaneously. –Carol Whitehouse

Sending you 108 birthday blessings as you dance once more around the sun Tias. Thank you for all your incredible teachings and offerings over the years. May you celebrate the great light you are. –Jill Amison

60! Many of us are right behind you on this vast/tiny timeline. The marks on that path we have shared (too few) have been of great value and have brought much joy to my journey. May the great adventure continue –Shawna Moore

Which memory to choose! There’s one that I’ve actually told several people about because it was so damn funny.
Tias, this was when you were here in Fort Worth in February of 2020.
I was (happily) your driver on said trip, and one evening after dinner you wanted to get some distilled water for your morning tea. The closest grocery was one that’s a staple here in Texas called ‘Fiesta’.
The first thing you noticed when we walked in was the blindingly bright fluorescent lights. Then you started looking around, taking it all in. The next thing I know, you’re wearing a pink cowboy hat you pulled off a shelf and dancing in the aisle to the ‘Mexican Hat Dance’ that was blasting from the speakers. I joined in on the impromptu dance party, delighted by the surreal situation we had found ourselves in. And we still managed to get your distilled water.
Happy birthday, Tias! I think I’ve laughed as much as I learned with you. Thank you for all that you share and all that you stand for. I’m grateful to have a trusted teacher such as you. Cheers! –Taylor Rain Bell

I wish you much joy and happiness on your 60th! You have given so much from your knowledge and you have changed many lives. Thank you, Tias!🙏🏻😊💕 –Annig Raley


Dear Tias, Wishing you a very happy 60th birthday! I’m thankful for you, your life here on earth, and your dedication and gift for sharing yoga with all of us. Your teaching has been such a positive influence on my own personal practice and also my journey as a yoga teacher. My life is more rich and blessed to have met you and to have studied with you. Thank you and Enjoy a Special 60th Birthday! -Lynne Jacobs

So many inspiring and exquisite years of learning from you. Forever indebted to your genius. -Jane Houck

सत्यं शिवं सुन्दरम् । विमलं भवतु ते जीवनम् ॥ -Leslie Dillingham Freyberg

Happy Birthday Tias! Thank you for your light, lightness and levity!💖 -Catherine Trapani

So many years! So many trips around the sun, saluting. So many breaths, mantras, shlokas, and Oms.
So much gratitude, grace, and grit through all of it.
10,000 thanks you.
10,000 I love yous.
10,000 well wishes to infinity.
The gift of being on the path with you and yours never stops giving.
Happy Birthday! Enjoy your Birthday Suit! -Theresa Murphy

Happy birthday Tias! You are a treasure! So grateful for the depth and authenticity you bring to all you do. Sending love to you and your family. -Christina Obie

The first time I studied with Tias he was my age now (43). Eno was a baby and ever present which I greatly admired. I’ll never forget Savasana at Esalen with Eno flying his toy plane over top of me and the rest of the class. I dream of you often guiding me on my journey. Sending lots of love. -From the Bro Yoga alumni, Nathan

Happy Birthday! I’m so grateful for your presence and depthful teachings. -Beth Budesheim Kaoihme

Happy, happy, happy Birthday Tais, you share your birthday with my dear niece!
Keep spreading your light and wisdom, whoever it touches will be better for it (I sure am)!
Sending you hugs and love on your special day. -Binti

Happy Birthday Tias. Thank you for all that you have offered to so many. -Erika Trice

Cher Tias, Je te souhaite un joyeux anniversaire! Grâce à SATYA, j’ai pu relier mes connaissances, stimuler mes capacités d’autoguérison et enseigner le yoga de façon plus respectueuse. I feel unified and grateful. With love -Sage Femme Sarah

Happy Birthday Tias! 🎉🎂🕺🏼🥳 I am so enthusiastically grateful for all that you have taught me over the years – both on and off the mat. I think you are a such great teacher, exceptional human and overall cool guy. Enjoy your special day! -Sarah Coulter

Tias I took a class with you many years ago in Estes Park, CO. I loved your sense of humor and the class was wonderful! I have been following you ever since and truly hope to take another class with you some day! Thank you for your depth of understanding in the spiritual/yoga area. You are a treasure ❤️💕🖤 And happy day!

Our times with you are always special, deep and nourishing. May you have an amazing 60th. Three cheers for my favorite yogi! -Verdant

Happy Birthday, Tias! Wishing you a year ahead filled with curiosity, creativity, connection, and contemplation. Thank you for opening me up to all of those things in my yoga practice and in everyday life. I so value your presence and your being. -With deep appreciation, Judith Shaw

Although I have not had the pleasure of meeting you or practicing with you in person, I have learned so much from you during the last three years online. I have very deep gratitude for all the teachings you are providing. Have a wonderful birthday! -Takako from Milwaukee, WI

I only studied with you a year but it left a lifelong impression. Wish I had stayed in Santa Fe longer, but yoga has stayed a part of me and my life. Happy Birthday to you fellow Scorpio. Thanks for your light, intelligence and wisdom. -Stefanie Rothert (Pitthan)

Dear Tias , Scorpio Soul , may you continue to delight and inspire ! Bright Blessings on your special day from Hampshire UK -Alison Metcalfe

Thank you so much for generously sharing all of your teachings, insight, poetry and knowledge. You “walk the walk” and teach us all how to live our yoga on a daily basis. As a spouse, parent, son, friend, teacher, you are a blessing to our planet. Joyous wishes for a terrific birthday and I hope you (and we!) are blessed with many more to come.😊♥️🎂 -Maureen Vasquez


Tias’ wisdom, gift for elegant synthesis, vast erudition and general superlative savoir-faire as a teacher of yoga is well known. I credit him, amongst others, with ridding me of the fixation with yoga shapes and beating outta me some pedestrian notions about the nature of one’s yoga practice. (In his trademark gentle and refined way, of course.)
Perhaps less celebrated is Tias’ gift with languages (plural!), his way with the bon mot and his occasional profound silliness.
During the first Pandemic Era Zoom session hosted by Prajna Yoga, Tias appeared on my laptop screen from behind sliding doors, wearing a blazer, and did an interpretive dance to a U2 tune. He soulfully pranced around for the entire song! I thought it was hilarious and somehow exactly on point for that strange moment in time.
During one of the many SATYA trainings and worshops I count myself fortunate to have attended, I vividly remember him casting a benevolent glance over the bleary-eyed group of us and remarking, “”I know what you’re all thinking: ‘Will this yoga class never end?'””
And I always chuckle to myself when I recall Tias’ assertion that he miraculously survived years of Ashtanga practice without blowing out his SI joint. It’s funny because it’s true!
In Tias I found a teacher who uses language like a poet: to guide one to the heart of that which cannot be directly explained or taught but is nevertheless deeply understood.
With immense gratitude for lighting a true path for yours truly, after blundering down the wrong ones for too long. Happy birthday, o wise and funny one. -Sorina A. Diaconescu

Tias Happy birthday. I miss your visits to St Louis and the Shrewsbury center. Have a great day. 🙏 -David Morhaus

Happy birthday Tias! May you continue to grow wiser, kinder and more fulfilled over the years. Wishing you health and joy. -Anna Gieselman

Dear Tias, happy 60th birthday! I am fortunate to have practiced with you in person a few times in St. Louis. The poetry that is your practice continues to inspire me, and I am passing that on to my own students of yoga and meditation. I love your books and your newsletters and your online offerings and trainings, and I hope to practice with you again in person someday soon. Thank you for the light you shine and the work you do in the world. -Sara E. McNeil

Little words of wisdom give me inspiration as I move through my day. Thank you for your many inspiring words. -Karen Lucas

SATYA has been life-changing for me. Forever grateful! -Annalisa Cardin

Oh such a wonderful occasion to celebrate 💐 YOU, a model example of a life well lived!
Now what to offer for ALL of the inspiration, wisdom, guidance, and heart you have shared with me over the years? I offer endless gratitude and affirmation of how VERY deeply you have touched and guided my days and my ways. Thank you ❤️
Your Sunday wisdom remains a highlight of my week. I miss you and the in person connection.
Happy Birthday Tias!!! 💃 May you celebrate all of the wisdom and beauty you cast upon with this world.
-With much love, Sallie Moran from Lafayette, CA

May you hop as lightly as a frog, land strongly as a bear, sway like a weeping willow, float like an otter + shine like the silvery moon. Happy Birthday Tias! -Priscilla Humphrey

Happy Birthday dear Tias! I am so grateful for your gentle and constant teachings. Even from afar and through zoom recordings, your voice guides me to center like a favorite song. Thank you. Wishing you every joy and happiness on this milestone birthday. -Katie Tuttle

Thank you for being the voice that settles my anxious mind, for creating SATYA that helps my healing body, and for writing and living poetry that inspires my soul. You are the gift. May you have many more bright moons and water dances. Wishing you and your family health and happiness. I love and appreciate you, dear Tias. Happy Birthday! -Leslie St. John

Much gratitude, Tias, for your soul’s choice to come into the body 60 years ago! Your presence here, in this world, in this time, is felt worldwide–way beyond your worldly offerings. I’ve known “of” you since 1995 when I first moved to Santa Fe for Pilates training, finally attending an online program with you and Surya last Fall. Thank you for clearly anchoring the limitless potential of human being-ness with your wisdom, brilliant mind and sincere heart. Happy Birthday🙏 🌀🦋 -Michele Geyer

Happy Birthday Tias! I’m so grateful for you and your teachings and just how much you have influenced my life and path. I truly cherish the opportunities that I have had to assist you for this many years in St. Louis and all of the in-person training hours that I have had with you and Surya. I can truly say that I would not be who I am without your guidance and mentorship, or half of the yoga teacher that I have become. I have been out of touch since things have been mostly online but I look forward to coming back to in-person practice and study in the temple sometime soon. May you be well, may you be happy, and may you have peace throughout your next cycle around the sun. With a deep bow and blessings 💜 -Brockell Briddle

I first practiced yoga with you at a Yoga Journal Confetence back in 2007, 8 or 9 (date slips my mind). A few years later, I had the joy of studying with you during a weekend workshop at Breathe in Los Gatos. However, it was the pandemic that gave me the opportunity to study with you more often and on a regular basis. Your classes were a saving Grace during lockdown. And I’m forever grateful for your knowledge and words of wisdom (especially in your weekly/monthly emails). Happiest of Birthdays to you! A true teacher that so many yogis have learned from. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Many many more years and blessings to you! Peace, love, happiness and laughter always!

Happiest of Birthdays, Tias!! -Leslie

I am so thankful for your presence as a Yoga instructor and mentor over the years. Happy Birthday and may you find the blessings of more Sunrises, Sunsets, and adventures in the years to come. -Be Well, Paula Walker

I remember many connections we have had over the years! Me coming to Upaya to learn from you, hosting you at The Yoga Workshop in Boulder, and learning SATYA from you during COVID. Plus all the workshops over the years. Wishing you a wonderful birthday-celebrate living-it’s a wonderous thing. 🥳🥳🥳 -De

Happy birthday, Tias 😊 have a good day and a peaceful year😊 -Bev Faulkner

Dear Tias,
Birthday Blessings to you today to last the whole year through. I will be 60 also, in December, and it is your practices and offerings that keep me vital and whole in spirit, mind and body. So grateful to have found you and Surya on this journey. I wish you enough:
I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright no matter how gray the day may appear.
I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun even more.
I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive and everlasting.
I wish you enough pain so that even the smallest of joys in life may appear bigger.
I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.
I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.
I wish you enough hellos to get you through the final goodbye. (Bob Perks)
-In gratitude and love, Julie Hennessy

Happy Birthday Tias! I am so grateful to know and love both you and Surya. I will never forget my very transformational experience at Prajna. Learning the prajna practice has sustained and nourished me in ways that I never thought were possible. May this year bring many blessings your way. –In gratitude, Krissy Harb

Dear Tias, many joyous returns as you travel around the Sun once again. You might enjoy knowing that you have been a part of my long Yoga journey-from beginner, when I took several workshops with you- up to the present as I once again learned from your vast field of knowledge- feeding my position now as a 500 EYRT instructor, and creator of Shakti Yoga Dances. Sending you gratitude and honor, appreciation, and joy in hopes you know how many lives you have helped through your generous wisdom. The world is a far better place because of you. Thank you. -Samantha Cameron

Happy Birthday, Tias🎂You are a blessed Light so needed in our world. I am grateful to have been able to have spent time in your presence and to be honored to learn from you🙏 –Mary Simmons


Happy Birthday Tias! Although I’ve never met you…I just wanted you to know how very much I value your writing, your style of yoga and especially the reflections you offer on Sundays. May the coming year be filled with an abundance of blessings. -Sally

Happy Birthday Tias!!!, I lived in Santa fe for one decade. I took many classes with you and I’m so grateful for that experience. I now live in Colorado and feel blessed that I can still stream your wonderful yoga classes. Thank you so much and have a blessed birthday. -Lisa Bauer

Thank you so much for all the wonderful classes. You help to keep me healthy physically and mentally. I never thought I would do urdhva dhanurasana with any pleasure and then you showed me how to do it with a chair. Happy days 🥳 I hope you and your family have a wonderful celebration and maybe one day I will get to visit the desert and experience what you describe so beautifully.🌵🦎 -Rosa

Dear Tias, I have received some of the best instruction on Yoga and life in general from you, and I am extremely grateful for your teachings. May the coming year bring you continued joy, peace, and adventure! -Danielle Polen

Happy 60th, Tias! You changed my life, changed the way I walk and be in this world. I safely practice at home only because of your skilled, precise, compassionate, and wise teachings. Forever grateful to you, my teacher. With love … -Dina Wolff McQueen

Profound and wise, your light is a gift freely shared 🙏🏻Much Birthday Metta! -Linda Allen

Dear Tias, what an inspiration you are to honoring service and the undivided connections we share in body, mind and spirit! Many happy returns as you step into your upcoming year. -With gratitude, Tucker Adams

Happy Birthday Tias! I hope this day brings you special moments and reflections with your family & friends! May this new year around the sun bring continued health, love, happiness and abundance of joy. Thank you for sharing so much of you, your knowledge and gentleness with us all. Your presence, impact on the yoga community and generosity is palpable. I am grateful to be both a student of yours and a colleague sharing in all those days on the yoga conference circuit. 🙂 -All love and pranams, Giselle Mari

Happy Birthday Dear Tias! May your curiosity, mirth, and deep intelligence continue to grow. Best wishes for a grand birthday and year ahead. -Nancy Glover

Happy Birthday Tias! You being in this world has made a huge positive impact on so many lives, including my own and my boys. Enjoy your special day, I am sending lots of love, best wishes for good health, and lots of hugs. See you in less than 2 weeks. -Petra P.

I met you at Spirit Rock several years ago.I am always moved by your posts. Happy birthday Tias. I bow to your wisdom from Vancouver Island. -Pat Gibson

Four years ago I took a fascia class at Yoga House in Pasadena. The class was from Friday through Sunday. I had knee replacement surgery on Monday. I was so in tune with my body and so prepared to be present to the changes that my postop recovery flowed with ease and grace. I walked up 29 stairs to my home the day of the surgery. I had almost complete ROM within 2 weeks in light of the inflammation and swelling that continues intermittently for many weeks postop, I continued to flourish and heal.
I thanked you often over the years. I continue to do the practices you instilled that weekend and the energetic focus of your yoga informs mine.
Thank you teacher for the gifts you share with me and so many others.
I extend to you in this 6th decade a deepening union with your Creator and all you have come to know as TRUTH. Happy 60th!!!! Joyously. -Lynne

Wishing you a beautiful birthday and year filled with creativity, wonder and awe. You have been and continue to be such an inspiration to me, as a teacher and a human being. May you know how much you are loved and appreciated and may you continue to share your light, and many gifts, with the world! Happy Birthday, Tias! -Lauren Cohen

Thank you for all the wonderful years of yoga training! Happy 60th Birthday Tias🎂🥳🎉 -Deanna Marcus

Tias, Happy, Happy 60th!!! May this be a wonderful year followed by many more. Many blessings 🙏
-Stephanie Burns

Although it’s traditional for the birthday honoree to receive gifts, instead, you’ve given me so many gifts since you began your online classes in the summer of 2020. And your gifts just keep giving. Many thanks and deep appreciation for who you are and what/how you share. -Louise Applebome

Happy happy birthday Tias! Wishing you exuberance and zest, ease and tranquility, and grace in this upcoming trip around the sun. Celebrating you and the sense of lighthearted joy you share with those around you. Cheers! -Jess Nicole Adam

Tias, What a joy it is to learn from you!! I have benefited for a few years from doing some online courses and am so much richer for this. THANK YOU for your dedication, work and love of yoga, history and humanity… heart, heart, heart. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !! -Elaine Daniel

Happy 60th Birthday Tias! Hope it is full of love and peace-filled moments. Thank you for all your guidance and compassion over the years. I am so grateful our lives intersected when they did. Your teachings and embodiment of the practice have supported me through many chapters in my life and countless others. Much love to you! -Cara Chang Mutert

Dear Tias ~ What an auspicious moment. To greet a new decade. To see what’s behind. The deep impressions made within and on others’. Breathe. So much inner work resolved. Knowing, still, a lifetime of inner work remains. Thank you for your presence and your gifts. I deeply appreciate and love you. Happy Beautiful Birthday Tias. -Malka Michelson

I’ve been studying yoga for 38 years and at this stage in my life, I can’t think of a voice that offers a more refined intelligence into the field then you do Tias. With poetry metaphor, love of language and such a broad and relevant vision, you penetrate our hearts to the core, help to empty our minds and empower us to use praise and gratitude for the life we’ve been given. Deep bow to you and the family you are held in. -Annie Hoffman

Sending you all the best thoughts and wishes for a pleasant birthday! -Christina Tait

I think of how much I have always enjoyed your teachings. I began with you in 1998. I am 72. Happy birthday to you, you youngster. -Gail Walker

HB Tias… health and happiness and long life! -Vic

Tias helped form my lifelong yogi journey with deep knowledge of the human body balanced with deep internal connection to self! Thank you for this life long gift! Happy Birthday! -Gretel Follingstad

Happy Birthday Tias! Thank you for your dedication to teaching and practice, you have inspired my teaching and practice for a decade and I am grateful for you! Hope you have a wonderful day and know that you are celebrated! -Stacey

Tias , Happy 60 th ! I first practiced with you at a YJ conference in SF exactly a decade ago ! I remember your diction , elocution and kind demeanor. May you have many many healthy years ahead . Thanks for sharing your passion & expertise. -Kathryn Leider

Sending love and blessings for your 60th birthday Tias! So grateful for the gifts you manifest in the world ❤️🌻 -Christine

I suspect, you have been a light house to me for so much longer than we can comprehend. May the generous heart you hold in teaching so tirelessly reflect back at you a thousand folds. Cheers to many happy, healthy returns!! -Ece Anderson

Happy Birthday, Tias! I received my teacher training at One Tree Yoga in Omaha and I learned to love your approach to yoga and your writings about the subtle body. I also loved seeing you with your mother and her devotion to the practice of yoga. -Jane McCrone

Happy Birthday Tias, You gave The Best yoga workshops @ Moksha in Chicago. Through meditation practice, I found clarity. All the Best.

Happiest Sixtieth Birthday dear Tias! Today we celebrate the joy, humor, spirit, intelligence & inspiration that is YOU! Thank You !! —Your weekend workshops pre-pandemic at YogaHouse Pasadena brought so much depth & joy to my meditation & yoga practice. Thank you. Your meditations and Maha-Zoom Room studies & trainings during the pandemic were/are life-savers and life-changers. Thank you. What a thrill it was for me that the computer randomly generated my “small-group” share time with you & Surya, TWICE(!) —such good fortune and a very powerful memory of connecting with both of you. Thank you, thank you, for all you write, I save every Sundays messages …and most of all thank you for BEING YOU! Happy Happy celebrations of your special Birthday! —Looking forward to practicing in Pasadena with you & Surya once more, very soon! —Darra B.

To a master of the work who won’t call himself a master, Happy Birthday Tias.
Live long and Prosper 🖖 -Alissa Reisler

Though I have not worked with you in person since a Satya intensive at your wonderful retreat years ago, I think of you often, read your weekly posts and inspiration, and lean upon the qualities and actions of Satya in my practice. Your recent sharing of your son’s experience was profound and so of the moment we are living now. May you have a wonderful birthday celebration and know what a treasure you are who enriches so many! -Vanessa Scott

Tias thank you for being born. It is a joy to share time and space with you on planet earth.❤️ -Julie Benkofsky-Webb

“”May your coming year be filled with enlightened madness, trickster happiness, and insouciant tomfoolery. May you be wildly disciplined, ardently gentle, satirically authentic and rebelliously reverent. I hope you find laughter in your heart and cause others to laugh with all their hearts. And don’t forget you are beautiful BECAUSE you are different…I hope you stumble over accidental sagacity and fall face first into infinite jest. I hope you create art by recycling demons, discarding thrones, and laughing at all the mess. And I hope somewhere in the next year, the Divine within me gets to play, frolic, and dance with the Divine within you!” ~Gary Z. McGee~
…and on a personal note…I happened onto your class at a Yoga Journal Convention in San Francisco and it must have been approx. 15 years ago (at the end of the class you brought little Eno up and onto your lap). Your 60th B-Day coincides with my life at 60 when I launched my son who’s now 31 (don’t do the math-ha!). I have followed your teachings locally when you’ve been at Santa Cruz Yoga (1st Women’s March timeframe), and Breath in Los Gatos when our schedules meshed. And now enjoying Zooming since the early Covid lock down!
May your upcoming year unfold smoothly with ease…Cheers, ~Suzette

A wonderful class taught by you at the 2009 Yoga Journal Conference at Estes Park! Honored to be there and participate. Happy and blessed birthday, brother Tias. Namaste. –Tommy Hamilton

Tias, HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful day for you in transitioning into the next part of your journey. It is such an EXCITING TIME IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!! There is so much to learn and share to help nourish others. You are an AMAZING TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have incredible gifts!!!!!!!! What a gift to all of us!!!!!!!!!!! May this day be as special as you are!!!!!!!!! May this birthday bring you peace, light and all good things!!!!!!!!!! –Tricia Crowe

Tias, your have been such an inspiration and gift in my life and I wish you the happiest 60th Birthday. –Linda Barberic

Tias! happy, happy birthday! It’s been a pleasure to call you both a mentor and a friend over these past 15 years. I so enjoyed sitting with you and Surya, watching our boys play basketball together over the years. My yoga practice has been so enriched through your teachings and they often bring a smile to my face when I am thinking of things you taught…like the sesame seed under my back heel in many standing poses and your funny asana names like slouchasana. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. I wish you vibrant health and boundless joy on your birthday and all days. –Love, Janine

Your weekly wisdom inspires and supports from afar! Wishing you a joyous birthday ! May you live long!! –Nina Rosen

Dear Tias , you have meant a lot to me thru the years and I wish you the happiest of birthdays. May your light shine bright and clear. –Janara Bornstein

You are a wonderful teacher who generously shares invaluable experience, thank you. Wishing you a peaceful, joyful year ahead and many more SATYA advanced classes!! 🙏 –Karen Cryer (Los Angeles)

Tias, words cannot convey the profound effect your guidance has had on my teaching, personal practice, and overall state of being. I hope your birthday and the coming year are fruitful, joyous, and filled with love! –Susan Volkan

Happy Birthday … Continuation Day, Tias!
Remembering the first time I studied with you! In 2015 you presented “The Mystical Midline” in Greensboro, NC. That weekend was the start of a transformational journey for me. I knew then you would be my master Teacher and Prajna Yoga my path. Deep Bow.
May your special day be filled with the blessings of the Triple Gem and protection of the Dharma; may this day be as radiant as the Buddha’s smile and tranquil as a serene Temple.
Love from North Carolina! -Sheila Wenzel

Dear Tias,
A short note –
To both you and Surya.
Thank you for all. I am transformed by your exploration of the path and how you share it.
Your deep love and respect for the living practice. The many threads of knowledge that you bring together and that render such nuance and wonder in the practice. All clear view of mystery and with an element of play. May your birthday be wonder full. Deep bow. –Tal

Happiest of birthdays Tias. I will be thinking of you while celebrating my son, Henry’s, birthday in LA. Much love –Mary Mitchell

Happy Birthday Tias! I will always treasure my time at Teacher Training in 2018. ♥️ You are truly inspirational and I hope you will continue to share your love, wisdom and spirit for many years to come! –Alicia Falsetto


Happy birthday Tias . Your kind and sensitive approach and eclectic style of teaching has been such a gift to me and to my mostly senior students . Always bringing a sense of lightness and a dash of humor , who wouldn’t smile when creating a “you tube “ for easy seat comfort . I look forward to your in person cape cod visits each year and zoom classes in between . You are a wise and generous soul . Enjoy your special day . With much love and gratitude. -Sue Lovett

Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing your yoga path with all of us. Enjoy ALL the blessings due to you in this season of your life! -Pamela Remmo

Congrats on your latest lap around our favorite star, Tias! I am deeply grateful for your friendship/mentorship, and look forward to sharing countless more memories in Santa Fe and Cape Cod featuring Prajna, Paddling, Pedaling… & Payton Pritchard! 😀 -Love, Ryan L-Q

Many Blessings Tias as you complete 5 rounds of the Chinese zodiak. The world is a better place and healthier, too with your work circulating around the globe! My life is deeply enriched by embodying your work. Enjoy your special day turning around the sun and know the deep appreciation for you from this student!! -Jayne Schell

Only the heart knows how to find what is precious.~Dostoyevsky
YOU are so precious to so many lives. Thank You for your gifts and your teachings. Happy Birthday Tias! –Judy

Happy Birthday, Tias! I am forever grateful that I took my first workshop with you at Center for Yoga way back in the early 2000’s. You blew me away with your knowledge and passion. And I loved your humor and cadence of speech. Now, whenever my voice drops a gazillion octaves to a deep gravel, as people wonder who else is in the room, I smile. Your essence mixed with deep intelligence and sly humor are in the room. Your teaching is in me and is part of who I have become as a teacher. I send you much love as you enter this new decade. To me, people in this decade seem happy. So, may you enjoy the Happy Decade! Much love and appreciation -Jeanne Heileman

Happy Birthday Tias! I walked into my first class with you after a whirlwind tour of yoga offerings at the Telluride Yoga Festival and felt a deeper sense of grounding and presence than I had yet known. Through both yoga and dreams, your teachings continue to impact how I show up in this life. I am so grateful for you, and am always looking forward to your next offering. Wishing you lots of love, vibrant health, and deep connections in this new turn around the sun. Happy Birthday! -Porscha Doucette

So grateful for you ALL WAYS Tias! I remember going to 200hr level 1, and a few of us would wake up early to practice Ashtanga, in level 2 we all slept in as we trusted your flow, and level 3 we wanted MORE sleep because the power of the subtle practices was so deep. You’ve remained an influence and inspiration from afar, and I’ve recommended your teachings to many students over the years. May your birthday be BLESSED and may you feel the love from all directions! -Michelle Bouvier

Happy 60th Tias!!! You have touched and transformed so many people through your life, your words of wisdom, teachings, practice, living, and humor….. We all celebrate you SO hard, and from such depths. As an educator, you have been transformative to me, personally. You’ve modeled that educators can really care and shepherd students’ intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth in a loving, nurturing way. And what a thing that is. I hope that today, on the day of your birth, you sit and absorb all of the love that you’ve given, reflected back to you. May your celebrations be full of curiosity, spontaneity, and wonder. –Natalie Bourdon

My favorite image of you is from a celebration at the end of a week-long retreat in Santa Fe many years ago. You appeared in a plaid “zoot suit” of sorts, and danced your heart out w all of us, showing a light and silly side of yourself that you don’t often show. Happy Birthday, dear Tias! –Love, Lani (formerly of Chicago, now as a grandmother from Seattle!)

Happy Birthday, Tías! I will always have fond memories of learning anatomy and yoga from you and Surya, with Eno crawling around on the floor, at Moksha Yoga here in Chicago. I cherish your enlightened weekly writings. Thank you for brightening the world. Sixty hands together! -Mark Blankstein

Happy Birthday Tias! We met at Omega in Rhinebeck, NY some 15+ years ago and have continued to practice yoga daily since. Your focus on awareness and kindness to our joints and sinews follows along with me to this day. Enjoy! Savor these days and so pleased that your son is safe. Travel well. -Greg Leach

Tias thank you for your wisdom, creativity and kindness. Your teaching has made the world a better place. You create such a truly authentic safe space. I’m grateful to have spent time in practice with you.🙏🏻 -Jan Duffy

Happy Birthday Tias! Wishing you a special day, and year ahead filled with love, light and abundant blessings. Thank you for being my teacher. Deep bow of gratitude for YOU, and all that you do. BIG love. –Cathie Devore

Dear Tias…I am thinking of you on this amazing Birthday, and wishing you always a beautiful and stimulating, Peaceful and Hope-filled Life with your wonderful Family and practice.May all your most special dreams come true now, along with huge Miracles for our tragically abused Planet and all Life on it.May your Birthday usher in the most amazing transformation of all that Life, and huge happiness and health and Love for you. –Ali M.

Feliz Cumpleaños! I’m delighted and humbled to be a newer member of the Prajna Community and to be receiving the teachings of yoga from you. I look forward to sharing memories for your 70th Birthday celebration. JAI! –Enilse

Sending you, Tias – a true inspiration, warmest wishes from across the pond for the happiest of special birthdays. Thank you for being you and, through sharing your teachings, helping me to learn, grow and travel on my journey to be a better balanced me and in a better place to help others. Without you, Surya and the maha zoom room courses I am far from sure that I would have got through lockdown without losing my sanity. More so without satya my cancer treatment journey would have been far more difficult. In awe and with gratitude, and a deep bow. 🙏🏻 –Tori

Happy birthday Tias! I have learned so much from you over the years. I started by practicing with you on YogaGlo, and later learned my mother in law had studied with you at Esalen. Now she learns from me and benefits from what I learn with you – full circle! It was always my wish to study with you in person, and I still hope that happens someday. But I was thrilled to be able to take so many trainings with you beginning with Satya 1-3 online during the pandemic – one of the blessings of that time period for me. Now I am busier than ever again, but try to take your courses whenever I can. You are an amazing and gifted teacher – a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, and your sense of humor is always appreciated. What I appreciate most about you is how you infuse your teachings with the spiritual. I look forward to learning more from you over the years. Have a wonderful birthday and stay true to the amazing and unique person and teacher you are! Much love. –Deanna

Happy Birthday Tia, I met you many years ago more than 15 years, in Estes Park CO yoga retreat. I really enjoyed the class and been always a fan. Looking forward to do8ng a yoga retreat with you. Wishing you a blessed birthday and many more to come. –Safia

Dear Tias, herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinem Geburtstag aus Berlin 💛 –Alexandra Kleinheinrich SATYA teacher from Berlin

Dearest Tias! The happiest of birthdays to you on your 60th! Wishes for the best year ever! Sending lots of positive thoughts. ❤️ –Kathleen Rick

Happy Birthday Tias!! I got to join your retreat this June and it was incredible! You are wise and hilarious- I think the way we all should be! Hope this year brings more joy and wisdom! 🌟 –Marybeth Donahoe

Dear Tias, Happy 60th birthday!! I am always touched by your grace , generosity and authenticity. Sending all the best wishes to you and your family. –Owan Chow

Thomas when you turn 60, we roll out the fraying carpet for one last shot at “One Yard Line”! Everything is close. So thick and real. The clear crisp cut of the mountain. The clinging leaves of the quaking aspen. Loved ones near and far, their wishes. The blue and its blue otherness in the impossibly wide sky. All part of that inner press to find just one yard. We would love to fly over the pack, but realistically we have to find that very central, least surprising, hole-less gap. Because it wouldn’t have been such fun being your brother – if we didn’t do it like that! –Michael D.

Now officially mid-life as a yogi, it has been a true pleasure and honor to have you in my life. You are a guru/scholar and a gentleman, and going strong! Love and Huge Hugs. –Nicolai Bachman

THE Dad of the century, (including doggie dad 🐶🐾+ compost worm dad 🐛🤣), husband made of a golden heart & warrior of the Earth ! 🌎🍃🌱
Tias your presence is so fun loving, gentle, deeply thoughtful and most certainly legendary💕 You have been such a strong presence in my life that inspires me to support my wellness + those in my life to blossom. Your language with yoking body/mind/spirit feels like ancient medicine applied to our modern time. I adore you Tias and am so happy & blessed to be a part of the beautiful web we co create in this life 🙂
Happy 60th! Love you! 💗
-Monique Vonn

Dear Tias, I still remember like it was yesterday, that day in 2001 where I was sitting on a bench outside of the Upaya office, during a break in what was then Session 1 of your 200 hour TT (although I came thinking I had signed up for a yoga retreat!) You asked me if I had plans to teach and my whip fast reply of “no way, never” led you to inquire about the resistance. I shared that all my life I had been shy and that the idea of standing up in front of people leading a class – with all eyes on me – was impossible. You challenged me, gently, to explore that through acting or improv classes. I laughed, thinking “no way”, yet something got in and I did do just that (much to the dismay, I’m sure, of the teachers!) You helped me to realize that my voice is a tool, one that I am certainly still learning how to play; but more importantly you showed me that the places of resistance are the places where the true treasures lie. It shifted so many of the things that I thought were absolutes (ie being “shy”) in my life; and it shifted my path. Since then, your teaching/inquiry of “how much do you trust in your life?”, shared not directly with me, but in many of your offerings, has become my go to during challenging times (no shortage of those down here!) and for that, and so many other nuggets you’ve shared over these past 22 years, I am deeply grateful. Wishing you an incredible transition into your 60s, and that you receive as much joy, wisdom, love and support as you put out into this wild, beautiful, heartbreaking, spectacular world. Happy, Happy Birthday! –Love, Jyl


Thank you, Tias, for all of your inspiration, teaching, writing, passion and dedication to the Prajna sangha and the world over the years. Many blessings to you on this milestone birthday! I hope you enjoy a beautiful day with love and laughter with family and friends, nourishing food to fill your belly and light shining all around you. In deepest gratitude. -Andrea Alfonsi Fuller

Wishing you a very happy 60th birthday Tias! YOU are the gift to the world! May you thrive on your next trip around the sun. To many more…. -Ann Mellick

My memory is all the love and fun my dearest friend in yoga teacher training, Bobbye Brown shared with me regarding her training and sharing time with you and Surya! She is with you in spirit helping you celebrate your joyous birthday! Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day this Birthday year Tias! -Laura Rivers

Just thank you for your generous and kind spirit and your wise teachings. May you be well. 🙏🏽 -Cheria Martin

Feliz Aniversário Tias” Grande, Mestre Yogi. -Adji Yoga Guy

To a dear soul whose time here on this planet has brought light, love, kindness, healing and connection to so many. We honor you and return your blessings to us a thousand fold. 🙏 many, many joy filled returns. –Janet

Thanks for sharing your light and wisdom passionately, with dry wit. Thank you Tias! Thank you for sharing what you have found (so graciously) a healthy, stable, and uplifted intelligence. May wisdom continue to guide you. I wish you peace today and all days. –Bo Smythe

Dear Tias, i sat before you for the first time nearly a quarter of a century ago….your dynamic way of teaching continues to inspire, bring joy and comfort…i value the experience of being your student…happy healthy birthday….all love surround you. –Maryellen

Dear Tias,
You don’t know me. I am a yoga teacher from Australia and I’ve greatly benefited from your work both in online classes and your books.
I am humbly grateful for your contribution to the greater yoga community and your dedication to the path of yoga and the sharing of the wisdom that comes from that.
Deep bow to you and happy birthday! May you have a wonderful time with your dear family, friends and sangha.
Much love. –Abby

Dear Tias, Happiest of Birthdays! I wish you all the best for this new year of life.
I miss coming to your week long yoga retreats in London…I will be eternally grateful for the first time I practiced with you about 15 years ago and how that opened up my yoga and my mind to new ways of moving and healing and teaching. Hope to see you and to catch up at some point soon, I haven’t fully emerged from covid as have been unwell ever since. Love and hugs on this special day. –Fazila Benoit x

My dearest Tias, Happy birthday to you! I am so thankful to have crossed your path and to you becoming my forever teacher, my number one. At the young age of 60 you have already offered hundreds of years of wisdom. I count myself so lucky every time I can come back for more. May this auspicious day sparkle. Much love. –Wesley

Sharing Light with you for your Birthday 🌞🙏🏻🕉️ –Brigitte Le Corronc Clady

Birth of happiness blessings to you and deep gratitude for your powerful teachings, still influencing my life and teachings. Have a super 60th year. Blessings. –Rosemary

Happy birthday Tias! Every time I take your online yoga class, I am very inspired by your depth of knowledge and warm manner. I feel that my physical body and subtle body have become more supple and have created more space thanks to you! Thank you very much. I wish your life will be even more fruitful and filled with joy and happiness!! –Chiemi Brezden

It’s been a real treat to learn and practice with you, and read your books and website postings. Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more to come 🙏 –Daphne, formerly in Naperville, now in Perth, Australia

Dear Tias, Happy Birthday! to a wonderful teacher and model of practice and humanity. Wishing you all the gifts of buddha, dharma and sangha –
With love. -Nancy Raider

Happy 6th floor Birthday!!!! We love you so much Tias! We are so grateful for your calm presence in our lives, our many adventures on the Cape, hearty laughs and smiles, wise insights and care. Wish we were closer to help you celebrate in person. Honoring all that is you we wish you a fabulous next year around the sun. With love always. –Summer, Reese, Tina and Chris xoxo

Happy Birthday, Tias! We have never met, but I read your book, Yoga of the Subtle Body, and absolutely adored it. I think often on the imagery you presented and it has deeply enriched my practice. Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place to live in and among. I appreciate you. –Amber Zumski

I took your workshops when you used to come to the Dallas Yoga Center. I love your approach so full of mindfulness and alignment. Your weekly Sunday emails sustained me through the pandemic and I look forward to them every week. May you have a birthday filled with wonder and delight! –Barbara Vance

Dear Tias- Your teachings have had, and continue to offer a profound impact on my life as a teacher, and a person. Your presence is imbued with concentration, clarity, pure intention and distinctive integrity. I am wishing you a very Happy and Blessed 60th Birthday and many more years to keep sharing your gifts in this world. With Admiration and Kindness. –Tara Rachel Jones

Tias, Happy Birthday! My long time yogic journey with you and Surya began when I read a “q & a” with you on the last page of an “Elephant Journal” magazine in the very early 2000’s. I said, “Whoa! This guy is speaking my language!” and I never looked back. Your manner of teaching and delivery (with all of its delightful humor) has laid down the foundation of a lifetime of learning for me. Along this journey, I have had the opportunity to learn more about you as an individual, who you are as a dreamer, a husband, a father and a son. All of this combined, has made you the wonderful human you are today and I am so pleased to celebrate you on this 60th year of your inspiring life! With joy and love. –Amy

One of my favorite weird memories is when we both had a ginger kidney cleanse! I still practice this today on family & friends. Happy Birthday Tias. Much Love! –Linda

Happy Birthday to you.
You make me smile and laugh out loud every week.
You inspire me greatly with your work, creativity, wisdom, insight, humility and your kindness.
My world is a better place for having you play a formative part within it.
I will celebrate you tomorrow and revere you forever.
Happiest of Birthdays Tias Thomas Little – you are a Great Man. ✨
-Kirsten Orchard

Happy Birthday Tias – I find it hard to express how much your online classes have meant to me over the last few years. I practiced with you in person on Orcas Island one summer, and then attended a transformative silent yoga retreat with you and Surya in Santa Few pre-Covid. But it is your online classes that I most cherish, for they proved to be a life-line during the Covid years and have taken me so much deeper into my own practice after more than 40 years of taking and teaching yoga.
I closed my yoga studio at the beginning of Covid, after teaching for a decade on Whidbey Island. Studying with you regularly at home was a great gift during that isolating time. And now, that I’m 71 years old and retired after going back to teaching for a couple of years, I think I appreciate your humor, your insights and thoughtful, inspiring teaching even more as I work my way into a slower, more patient practice. Many, many thanks and may your year ahead be filled with light and love…. –Valerie Easton

Happy Birthday Tias! Wishing you all the best today and always. Thank you so much for your teachings and online offerings. You are greatly appreciated! Happy Day to you!! –Tami



Thank you, Tias for sharing your teachings, wisdom, dancing, humor, and love with all of us. May your birthday be filled with as much joy and light as you’ve given to all of us. Sending you big birthday love and practicing “hug-asana.” -Adelfa Hill

Deepest of bows and happiest of birthday wishes to you, dear teacher Tias! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your kindness, and your laughter over so many years. Thank you for teaching me to “conserve my spin.” Mangalam! Mangalam! Mangalam! -Jenna Sammartino

Happy Birthday Tias, I am very grateful to you for the blessings which you unselfishly share of yourself in your teachings. I can’t imagine what life would be like if I had never met you all those years ago in Davis Square Cambridge. You have been a guiding light to me. You touched my life in more ways than you’ll ever know. I hope you have a very special birthday; you are a very special person. Thank you with love. –Gail Martin

A very Happy Birthday Tias! Wishing you all good things today and always. May 60 be the best year yet! –Hannah Fallows

Happy 60th Tias!🎈🎈💒. What an amazing 60 years! Thank you so much for being a voice of sanity in the midst of this crazy world! Thank you for constantly offering beautiful practices and sharing your wisdom and knowledge. Your teachings are invaluable and l feel very lucky to receive them.
Wishing you a wonderful special day…. –With Best Wishes and hugs Sue Chopping

Happiest of Birthdays to you, Tias! Your light and teachings are a true beacon in this world and have offered me solace and guidance. Many well wishes as you embark on this new decade open to potential and full of love! ♥️ –Christina Ohmer

Some people make the world more beautiful just by being in it, so do you. Happy birthday dearest Tias : I am so deeply grateful for having you as my teacher 🙏❤️ –With warmth, Vicky

Happy Birthday Tias! I am so grateful for you and your virtual classes, especially since I am far away in Charlottesville. Hope your birthday is all that you wish it to be and congratulations on another year around the sun. Welcome to the 60’s!! –Martina

Happiest of Birthdays. Blessings to a beautiful stage and age of life. Abundant thanks for sharing your gifts of yoga with all of us. Much love. –Kim Tevis

Hi Tias, I first met you at TriYoga with Simon Low and Panilla for a special workshop you did, I was quickly in awe of your style and knowledge, I decided to attend as many of your workshops I could. I had the pleasure of joining you in Santa Fe for the level 1 and 2 teacher training where I got to know you better. I remember spending time with you, Surya and at the time little Eno. Life moves on and I have not been able to see you for quite a few years now but still follow your teachings today. I turned 60 last month and share your birth year, so wish you happy birthday and hope that you spend it in the loving arms of your family. –Richard Freedman

Happy Birthday Tias! I hope your day and this coming year is the best yet!
Thank you so much for your wonderful presence and teaching. You and your work has helped me in many ways over so many years. Your philosophy and teaching methods of yoga and dharma are very valuable and helpful to me in my massage therapy practice. The SATYA work is enormously helpful to me and my massage therapy and bodywork clients. I am so glad to be able to attend classes in person here in Taos with another student of yours, and a great teacher, Sonya Luz, as she incorporates the wonderful SATYA work in her classes.
I remember a time in class with you during Savasana. My sacrum was in pain and I was being still, trying to relax into it. You came over and adjusted the blanket under my knees and I was able to melt right through the pain into comfort. “”Wow””, I thought, “”how did you know?””
Another super time that is still helpful to me, happened during your loving kindness dharma talk in the online teacher training over the time of COVID. I had a particularly difficult business relationship and legal issue going on in my life. I knew that the person causing this problem was suffering and unhappy outside of our issue, but I still was so angry at them and hurt by them. Something in your talk allowed me to release my anger at the person and be able to send them love. That transformation is magical!
I deeply appreciate you, Surya and Prajna Yoga.
Happy 60th birthday!!
Love and Joy to you!
Bonnie McNairn

Dear Tias, sending you a big hug and warmest wishes on this special day. May the next decade be the best yet! –Love, Gabe Hopp

Happy Birthday Tias! Your teachings inspire me. Enjoy your special day 🎈 –Sarah Selig

Dear Tias- thank you for all the wisdom, humor and insight you bring to this world, via the teachings of yoga and your writings. I have been transformed by my time on the mat with you! May this day bring you wide open skies, the perfect cup of tea, and time with your loved ones. Blessing on your life! –Cassidy Acacia

Happy Birthday Tias! I consider you my Guru(if that’s ok). You have inspired my practice and my teaching. My students thank you too for our deep understanding of how the mind and body work so beautifully that you have taught us! –Peggy Harrison

We cannot overstate our appreciation of your depth of knowledge of the traditions of yoga and Buddhism and the gift you have of the skillful means of teaching and sharing it with us and so many other students of these traditions. We wish you a HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY and many more years of good health, happiness as you continue to make this world a better place to be in. –With gratitude, Wendy & Chris N. Kingstown, RI

Happy Birthday Tias, from Hatch, Las Cruces followers ! You have provided 14 years of lighting my pathway to wellness. And many more ! –Cheri Damschroder

Happy Birth-Day Tias!! I’m so thankful I meet you at a small studio in Atlanta about 20 years ago; please come back!! The weekend workshop touched on so much of what I was experiencing at the time and your combination of poetry, meditation, chanting, and asana sent me floating home on cloud nine…
Besides the trip to Baja where we experienced whales in the morning and yoga in a lovely marble room in the afternoons, my favorite memory would be the last day of Session lll at Upaya in June of 2010. After connecting with our fellow yogis all week, you blacked out the windows, had us all wear black or dark clothes, and we transcended ourselves by moving/dancing very fast around the temple only stopping when you hit the clacker, to get up on the second clack and race around some more! My experience, was that we all became our true selves; Light & Energy. Thank you for sharing your bright light with the world! May you be blessed many times over for it… –Magi & (Martin) 😉

Dearest Tias, Thank you for being such an enormous part of my yoga journey. I am grateful for you. I am grateful for all the ways you have influenced my practice, my teaching, and my life. It would take pages and pages to describe to you all of the ways… So instead, I simply send my gratitude, trust that you know, and wish you the happiest of days on your 60th birthday. –Jennifer French

Happy Birthday!🎈 –Annette

Happy 60th Birthday Tias! Thank you for being the BEST yoga and SATYA teacher on the planet and for ALL you do for your students. I take all of your classes and treasure each and every one of them. I have learned so much about life, myself, and this world from you and am eternally grateful to have you as my teacher. I wish you and your loved ones all the best in this coming year. –Blessings, Pamela from Pasadena

Happy Birthday to the most amazing teacher, mentor, and family man! –Cherie Ebert

Happy Birthday my friend. I’m so grateful for your steady presence, for over 20 years, and your kind and honest nature. Enjoy!!! -Tim Butler

Tias: I’ve studied with you only a few times, but I call you one of my teachers. May the universe allow that I can study with you again soon. May you continue to shine and to share your brilliance, kindness, humor, and wisdom for decades to come. Happy birthday! -Deborah in NC

Happy Birthday to a most compassionate, skillful, and inspiring teacher and human!!! I feel very grateful for your teachings over zoom, writings, and generosity of spirit. You offer enrichment and deep meaning to so many. -Nia Nascimento

Dear Tias, I learn something new from you in every yoga session. Thank you for sharing your experience, knowledge, your partner Surya and the beautiful Prajna Temple. I appreciate your humor — e.g., “You don’t want to do this movement after you’ve just eaten a slice of blueberry pie . . . “, “The Belgium judge will give you a half point deduction if . . . “, “Who’s in a hurry?” Happy 60th Birthday! Wishing you a splendid year ahead! -Rosaline Gould

Happy 60th my friend. Its been a pleasure walking this path of awakening with you on this great round earth under this great sun and moon. May all good things keep turning for you; may your spirit soar in wonder and delight. -Love Akasha/Ali

To a beautiful human. Thank you for inspiring so many. Hope you are dancing and celebrating your life. -Pamela Serna


Dear Tias, Your birthday is at the most auspicious time of the year. It seems so fitting to the person you are; a kind, deeply knowledgeable teacher and human being. Wishing you a blessed and happy birthday. May you and yours be well. May you continue to spread ripples of light and knowing out into this world. With gratitude and love, –Beate

Happy Birthday Tias. Thank you for making the world a better place. Peace always. –Donna Carson

Happy Birthday Tias!! Thank you for your teachings – I’ve enjoyed practicing with you through the years. I love your thoughtfulness, your use of the English language, your humor, your metaphors, you depth, your ability to keep things fresh & new, your dedication to your own practice, your groundedness, etc.. You are truly an outstanding teacher! Thank you, thank you. Hope you have wonderful year!! –Anne Hart

Tias! For twenty years your genius and spirit have inspired my life and work. May you savor the goodness you bring into this world on your 60th and beyond. Happy Birthday! –Djuna Devereaux

I love to hear Tias read all the beautiful poems he has collected or written through the years and share them in classes. His knowledge in Buddhism is a nice addition to all his in depth yoga teachings. Tias can always make me smile and I feel safe and calm in his presence. I did a teacher training at Upaya center with him about 20 years ago. –Samana Lake

Dear Tias, Sending our love and best wishes for your birthday! Happy Solar Return!🥳🎂🎉 –Marty & Marti Yura

Dearest teacher , HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I really can not imagine my life with out your teachings and the memories of Toltec Rd.
You showed me yoga in an away, I could and wanted to understand.
Thank you for the images, dreams, the freedom to be, the friendships…
Thank you for helping me get grounded.
Thank you for so eloquently sharing the magic that is yoga.
Thank you for all the years that made you the man you are today….
It seems you followed the advice of one of your favorites,
Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.
-Mary Oliver
Love you Tias. -Ane Díaz

Happy Birthday, Tias! Thoughts of you (and Surya) are never far from me as I teach and practice. You lit the flame that continues to burn brightly in me. Wishing you every good thing as you celebrate this day of your birth and of entry into a new decade. May you enjoy good health and deep contentment. -Jane Burkholder

Happy 60th Tias. Many fond memories of practicing with you over the years. Thanks for your knowledge and dedication to keeping us centered. -Stuart Meikle

Happy Birthday Tias! I will always remember the first practice I had with you. You came up behind me while I was in warrior pose. You took my hand and merely shook, the message to me “relax”. Thanks for all the memories. Namaste 🙏🏻 -Sally G Hurt

Dear Tias,
Thank you for your humour, your delight of language, and your forever learning, innovating, and sharing. Happy Birthday!!!! -Edie Tsong

All the Best! See you all next month in Pasadena! -Emily B (Ventura)

Happy Birthday Tias! Wow— what a treat to share in the joy of hearing so many sweet birthday wishes to you from around the globe, an affirmation of how far and wide your teachings have imprinted on so many.   We are all so fortunate to know and have your teachings in this lifetime.
Thank you for being my teacher and friend. Some of my fondest memories are the ones off the mat— watching the Celtics, playing a family friendly (& competitive!) game of ping pong in the Prajna temple, and hiking together with our families. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of your 6th decade, we wish you much love and joy! –Jane Bloom

Thank you, brilliant Teacher, for sharing your teachings with me and so many. Your presence is truly a blessing on this planet. I feel so fortunate to be your student. All happiness, abundance, peace, and humor to you on this maha birthday and always!! –Keith Porteous Meade

Dear Tias, many congratulations. The Best is Yet to Come! –Susan Quon

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and continued well being for you, Surya and Eno.
Your wisdom and compassion continues to flourish. I recall my time spent at Upaya and your studio with great fondness. You are a treasure. My daughter (Bronwyn Hughes) attended on online series of classes with you and was moved and delighted with your teaching. 60 is a walk in the park….I wish you many more revolutions around the sun. –Lisa Orselli

Happy Birthday Tias. May your 60th year be filled with happiness and joy. I am so grateful that you are my teacher. I look forward to learning from you for many years to come. –Lynne Younger

Happiest of Birthdays to You ❤ –Migdalia M.

Almost 20 years ago, Tias came to North Kingtown, RI offering and intriguing workshop called Kidney Chi. That’s where it began for me… following what Tias says and does, knowing it is …The Path. I have attended the Amazing weeklong trainings in The Cape, Boston, Sante Fe and in Big Sur. As time goes on, the subtle is more and more subtle. Profound. Fascinating.
I admire Tias’s depth of knowledge and depth of caring. He has Walked the Path and is honest and humble in sharing his journey with all of us. I Love, in particular, the intro to the dvd from years ago.
And the image of the busyness in the city. The Race for…
Something…more, faster, better. I still think of it.
But to Stand in the Middle of
it All like a Warrior. That is Tias. True Integrity.
I honor the light within you Tias and wish you the Happiest Of Birthdays!!!
🙏 Palms Together,
-Crystal Vernava, RI

There is nothing subtle about your body
It’s powerful and strong
Vibrating with plasticity
Pulsing with poetry and creativity and inspiring sermons that always hit the nail on the head, even when your hand is in the way.
There’s nothing subtle about your body of work, either.
Your classes and workshops, your asana practice, your breathing practice, your chanting practice, your poems and books and midnight ramblings, hidden away.
Your teaching is rarely subtle, at least not when you’re imploring us, coaching us, commanding us, pushing us, spanking us, making us laugh.
There’s certainly nothing subtle about your big and boundless brain
Overflowing with the esoteric effluvia
of wise and wondrous teachers you have studied
and now become.
There is something subtle about a 60 year old body, making its way down the home stretch, softening on the inside, wrinkling on the outside, aging and ageless.
So thank you for constantly reminding us to slow down, to listen, to tune in
and even express gratitude for the stuck spots and weak places
so we can know we have more work to do.
May your work —as loved and loving husband, father, son, brother, family and friend to so many —continue to make your light shine stronger and brighter, supernovas of brilliant light reaching to the heavens
and beyond. . .
Nothing subtle there.
And finally, there is nothing subtle whatsoever about the role you play in my life.
Friend and teacher
watcher of whales in Baja
visitor to Patmos, fan of the Superbowl. . .
witness to our wedding in Santa Fe, author of more than 10,000 artfully crafted words you spoke right after the ceremony. Awesome.
But it was the tribute you wrote about Barbara at her memorial that clinched the deal.
It was subtle, and mysterious, and memorable, and funny and true.
So you won’t be suprised to learn that last night she came to me in a dream
Mermaid in form -half-fish, half-smiling
And whispered in my ear — start off with There is Nothing Subtle About Your Body.
And of course, I listened.
Sending happy birthday love and hugs, joy and peace to you and the family
-xxx Marilynn

Happy 60th Dear TIAS!!!
Such a JOY to know you and to be able to celebrate so many milestones together…
Here we are at Surya’s 50th!!!
Wishing you another 60 years of
feeling the love
being with the mystery
inspiring and being inspired…
Much Love,
-Linda – Ted and Eliza too!

Happy Birthday Tias! You are the light! Thank you for illuminating the path!
-Love you, Farzaneh, Yoga House, Pasadena, CA


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