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SATYA: Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement



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December 2023  / ONLINE 6-class series

December Online Series: Light On the Breath

At the end of the year, as daylight wanes, we bring light to the rhythm of our breath. In this month of practice we dedicate our study to the ever-changing motion of the breath. In each practice we combine breath with movement to foster intimacy, a sense of immediacy, and flowing spontaneity.

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December 2023  / ONLINE IMMERSION

Yoga Nidra & the Dream Body

Yoga nidra guides us to the liminal space between waking and sleep. This practice is deeply nourishing as it revitalizes the central nervous system, the breathing, organs and glands. In this series of guided yoga nidra classes, spend time connecting to your dream body where images, insights, visions, and feelings emerge.

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About Tias and Surya

Tias and Surya Little created Prajna Yoga and Healing Arts in 2000 in order to preserve the ancient roots of yoga practice while integrating contemporary research on the mind-body connection.

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From Our Students

"Thank you for this profound content packaged in such an incredibly well-organized online course! I loved the balance between synchronous zoom sessions and asynchronous coursework in Teachable as well as the balance between lecture, Q & A and practice in the zoom sessions. I love your support materials, a wonderful combination of scientific research, philosophy and art."
– Susan Volkan, St. Louis, MO
“I have gained so much from my time studying with Prajna. If you want a school that will provide a space of deep healing, high-quality instruction, and profound wisdom, Prajna is the school for you.”
– Cassidy Geppert, Williams, OR
"I have so much appreciation for the good fortune of having such grounded, healthy, kind, intelligent, compassionate & exquisite teachers. My joy and depth of learning has been renewed."
– Priscilla Humphrey, Orleans MA
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