Nadis, Circulation, and the Joints | Online Workshop


In yoga, the nadis are described as rivers of energy that flow through the body. They are circulatory pathways of blood, lymph and nerve that flow through all the connective tissues. There are thousands of small tributaries throughout the body that move via arcs, curves, spirals, and elliptical patterns. In this workshop, we do SATYA movements and yoga postures to increase circulation through all the tissues of the body. We use rocking, circular, and spiral movements to release the fascia and joints of the body. When there is uninhibited flow through the currents of the nadis there is radiant health and longevity in the body.

Both days: 9:30am MT – 12:30pm MT

(16.30 to 19.30 UK time / 17.30 to 20.30 Central European time)

Cost: £65

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Nov 19 - 20 2020


All Day



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