January 2024 Online 6-Class Series: New Year Resolution Practices


As we enter a new year, we invoke many aspirations for living a more sustainable and joyous life.
In this month we weave together many different threads of practice to manifest good intentions in the new year.

Deeper Meditation. More Laughter. Staying Fluid. Spontaneity and Flow. Ease and Stability. Dance and Devotional Offering. Courage. Hydration Practices. Practices to Address Vagus Nerve. Non-Harming Meditation. Loving-Kindness Practices. Heart Sutra Meditation. Collective Sharing. Being with Not Knowing. Koan Meditation. Being with the Tao. Enlivening the Aging Body. Praying for World Peace. The Turtle Pose. Variations on Shoulder Stand. Deepening Faith. Readying to Let Go.

Please note all live classes take place from 10am – 11:30am Mountain Time.

Fri Jan 5: Ease and Stability

In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali deems that for yoga to be effective, a pose must be “stable and comfortable”. But what exactly is this and what does it feel like? In this class, we explore the edge between strength and solidity and relaxation and ease in all poses.

Tues Jan 9: Enlivening the Aging Body

The challenge we all face as we age is to remain vital and fluid. While we wish to continue “pushing the edges”, we must do so without causing inflammation, irritation or harm. This practice focuses on specific techniques to boost longevity and build resiliency while protecting the body at the same time. We introduce longevity practices by working with the energetics of the tissues deep within the brain.

Tues Jan 16: Koan Meditation

In Zen training, koans are a marvelous way to open the body and mind to a sense of boundlessness, clarity and space. In this class we use one koan as a means to unlock physical compression and open to a greater capacity of awareness. Throughout the meditation and movement practice we embody the spirit of the koan.

Fri Jan 19: Heart Sutra Meditation

The Heart Sutra, known as the Prajna-Paramita, is one of the most celebrated of all teachings in Buddhist traditions. In this class we chant the sutra at the start, and weave the essential message of this marvelous verse through all of the practice.

Tues Jan 23: Dance of the Ancient Light

It is thought that the body is made of light– light in the cells, light in the nerves, light in the skin and bones. In this class we dance the body of the light by celebrating the living light that enlivens all tissues and illuminates consciousness.

Fri Jan 26: Devotional Offering

In this class we make the body into a kind of offering and generate an attitude of devotion. An attitude of generosity promotes kindness of heart and clarity of purpose. In this class we flavor all movements and asana with a felt sense of devotion.

Cost: $100 + tax

  • Have your props handy! We recommend two blocks, blankets, a thick bolster, an 8’ or 10’ belt/strap, and a backless chair (modifications will be given if you do not have a chair). We recommend yogaoutlet.com and Manduka for props; backless chairs can be found on Amazon and Etsy.
  • Please note that all classes are in Mountain Time.
  • Can’t join us at 10am MT because of your schedule or time zone? We’ve got you covered! Reserve your seat and all video recordings will be uploaded to your course curriculum to watch when you can, available to stream for 30 days.


Jan 05 - 26 2024


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